Clean energy electric vehicles for urban mobility

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Peter Harrop, Chairman IDTechEx, UK
Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx market research company : “Years ago I pointed out that the 100 or so manufacturers of car- like specialist electric vehicles should not design every one from scratch but have a common platform. They make no attempt to standardise. The industry is ridiculously fragmented. Altreonic’s KURT vehicle is one of the first that has the potential to overcome this uneconomic fragmentation”.
(src: private communication April 2016).
Dr. Bodo Schwieger Team Red, Berlin
Dr. Bodo Schwieger from Team Red (an international consultancy firm on mobility and transport), stated in an interview:  “Amongst the mobility solutions of 150 providers we evaluated, the modularity of the KURT concept is unique."
European Commission 2016 Seal of Excellence, EU

Altreonic received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.

The project proposal 717452, EMOVE Sustainable electric mobility for urban environments by deploying a novel and disruptive e-vehicle system for city logistics and people transport submitted under the Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 2,  in the area of Small business innovation research for Transport by ALTREONIC NV following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts was successful in a highly competitive evaluation process as an innovative project proposal on all criteria: Impact, Excellence, Quality and efficiency of implementation and Operational Capability.