Kurt.Mobi specialises in trustworthy clean energy system solutions.

KURT vehicles are based on a patented modular and scalable architectural concept that is adapted to electrical propulsion. They are assembled from standardised modular units, and by combining different modules, vehicles of different sizes can be obtained and customised for different purposes.

Altreonic is the technology company behind Kurt.mobi

The Kurt.energy product division is a result of our research in finding a safe and reliable battery for the KURT vehicles. The result is a range of carbon based power capacitors.












Regionalkonferenz Mobilitätswende Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen

Meet us at: VERANSTALTUNG Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar GmbHTHEMA: DIGITALISIERUNG, ENERGIEWENDE, VERKEHR UND MOBILITÄT 14.5.2019 09:00 – 17:00 Uhr 3. Regionalkonferenz Mobilitätswende in Kooperation mit der TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe Details here.  

ᒪ ᐯ ᑎ – TECHNOLOGY IN LEUVEN 28-03-2019

Come and meet us at Groep T in Leuven. Registration at Leuven Mindgate. 

Cleantech Forum Vlaams Brabant 21 maart 2019

Bezoek ons op 21 Maart 2019 in het Provinciehuis Vlaams Brabant te Leuven.  Voor registratie, klik hier.

Datasheets hybrid C-based Supercaps

In attachment the datasheet of our game changing Hybrid Carbon based Supercapacitors. They are combined to provide 36 or 48VDC batteries of typically 4 to 5 kWh per vehicle. Hybrid-C-Supercaps-Datasheet  

KURT SK1 has wheels for the first time

Great team that made it possible!

White Paper: batteries are dead, long live C-based supercapacitors

Anyone who is involved in electric mobility must admit that batteries are still the problem. Well, actually its is the combination of the batteries and the capability to charge them. So, why did Tesla buy a supercapacitor company? Did Tesla buy the right one? Read the...

Speaking at VDA Automotive SYS Conference

Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO of Altreonic Kurt.mobi is invited speaker at: Quality, safety and security for automotive software-based systems In June 2019 the ninth VDA Automotive SYS Conference hosted by the Association of the German Automotive Industry will take place in...

Altreonic Kurt.mobi speaker at I2PCC Cleantech event

Business opportunities for your cleantech business in China? Discover them at our cleantech event on February 5th. Altreonic and Jaga inspire you with their experience in China and Flanders Investment & Trade informs you about the Chinese economy and its current...

Wishes for 2019

To all friends and partners, best wishes for another exciting year ahead of us! Note that we have moved offices as well.  See the contact pages for details.

First test drive with City-KURT CK1 prototype

The first outdooor test drive with the City-KURT CK1 is now a fact. Designed as a single person vehicle, about 100 cm wide and with a large cargo box. This vehicle serves as our test platform for the upcoming CK2 that will have a larger cargo box and can handle a 200...

Exclusive agreement signed on game changing battery

Altreonic Kurt.mobi and Tomen Energy in Shenzhen signed an exclusive agreement for a Joint Venture to further develop the market of its disruptive battery technology. Based on a patented novel type of carbon based super capacitor, it will make electric vehicles become...