Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO of Altreonic is invited speaker at:

Quality, safety and security for automotive software-based systems

In June 2019 the ninth VDA Automotive SYS Conference hosted by the Association of the German Automotive Industry will take place in Potsdam, Germany. Top-rated keynote speakers, experts and managers from E/E Development and leading service providers are going to share experience and knowledge.

Up to date with the changes in the development of embedded systems in the connected vehicle, the conference focuses on Quality, Safety and Security of modern vehicle electronics. The conference will deal both with technical methods/solutions and management practices with respect to the national and international automotive standards.


“Towards ARRL-7: safer vehicles for resilient Mobility as a Service”.


Autonomous systems have in the last years forced us to rethink the very notion of safety engineering. Exploring the complete state space be it for formal verification or for extensive testing has become elusive, leaving us with guesswork to estimate the residual error rate. Of course, we just know it is never zero. How to tackle this problem? We start by acknowledging some conceptual weaknesses of the safety standards. Safety standards consider safety engineering as a specific project and domain activity, each with its own SIL levels, which is not only costly but also questionable. Starting from the objective to promote reuse, we define a complementary criterion called ARRL (Assured Reliability and Resilience Level). Rather than starting from the system’s functions, it starts from the system’s architecture in relationship to resilience.  It promotes the notion of resilience to failures as a way to achieve a higher degree of safety and puts Quality of Service first.  Resilience also help to design with less complexity easing the burden of verification and validation. The higher ARRL levels also acknowledge that the system design is never finished and that the loop must be closed at a higher level.

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