The City-KURT CK1 is a novel type of personal electric vehicle, a perfect blend between a e-bike and a micro-car. You can drive it without a license on pavements and bicycle paths respecting the speed control limits. You can bring along up to 50 kg in the large trunk or choose a customised vehicle that fits your specific needs.

Optionally, when communication between a dispatch center and the driver is desirable, a smartphone with app can be provided. This allows to monitor a fleet of vehicles, monitor the vehicle status and provide help or give instructions.

The City-KURT CK1 is electronically controlled. It has two active wheels that provide for easy manoeuvrability and fast acceleration. Its powerful batteries can cover up to 50 km. They recharge during the night or when parked. KURT provides the lowest air and noise pollution at the lowest energy cost, yet it takes less space than standard vehicles.

The City-KURT CK1 can also be customised for different usages and equipped with stronger motors and more powerful batteries if needed.

Personal vehicle: small and safe, take it for short trips to visit friends, family or to go shopping.

Personal golf cart: small and comfortable, use it on the golf course and carry your golf equipment.

Food delivery: transport the pizza and food orders in an insulated cargo box.

Emergency services: in crowded areas a fast intervention is difficult. Use a small CK1 and quickly drive with emergency equipment to where help is needed.

Professional services. For those who provide services at home and need to carry basic equipment. With the CK1, you can get anywhere.

Light Logistics. Last mile deliveries for parcels and mails.

Security services. Patrolling the streets or sites and taking essential equipment with you.

Pre-sales orders are now accepted. Listprice: 9990,- euro (excl. taxes and transport for the standard model).  Regional restrictions might apply. Volume production will start when a minmum number of orders has been received. Contact us for more details or use the on-line contact form.

See the City-KURT CK1 leaflet for more details.

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