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General overview KURT vehicles

City-KURT-CK1-11052018 EN

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KURT overview (German version)

Note: all vehicles are conceptual drawings demonstrating the versatility of the modular and scalable vehicle architecture (patented). Actual produced vehicles might differ in the final design.

KURT-H1 for hospitals

A special-purpose vehicle (98 cm wide) for moving a wheelchair with patient, two visitors and their luggage. Driven by a nurse.



Standard model City-KURT CK1 with rear side closed trunk.


Standard City-KURT CK1 with two passenger seats.

Shuttle-KURT SK1

A small shuttle, with no driver on-board that droves on the city streets and transports four people and their luggage


Shuttle-KURT SK1

A KURT-Shuttle-S can also transport 1 small pallet and parcels when not used during peak hours to transport people.

Shuttle-KURT SK2

A KURT-Shuttle-M can either transport up to 12 people or a large pallet and parcels

Modular & scalable KURT propulsion platforms

A modular and scalable propulsion platform to which customers can add their own super-structure to create their own vehicle.

City-KURT for personal mobility


A small vehicle (110 cm wide)  for moving up to 3 people.

City-KURT city-logistics


 A small vehicle (110 cm wide)  for transporting > 200 kg of cargo. Available as a heavier tractor version.

City-KURT light-logistics

A small vehicle (80 cm wide)  for transporting > 100 kg of cargo.


City-KURT station

A multi-functional and mobile station for charging, parking, wifi-hotspot and meeting up. Dimensions: 2 x 4 m.

City-KURT microdepot

A multi-functional and mobile microdepot for storing and collecting packages addressing the last mile in city-logistics.  Dimensions: 2 x 4 m.