Speaking at VDA Automotive SYS Conference

Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO of Altreonic Kurt.mobi is invited speaker at:

Quality, safety and security for automotive software-based systems

In June 2019 the ninth VDA Automotive SYS Conference hosted by the Association of the German Automotive Industry will take place in Potsdam, Germany. Top-rated keynote speakers, experts and managers from E/E Development and leading service providers are going to share experience and knowledge.

Up to date with the changes in the development of embedded systems in the connected vehicle, the conference focuses on Quality, Safety and Security of modern vehicle electronics. The conference will deal both with technical methods/solutions and management practices with respect to the national and international automotive standards.


“Towards ARRL-7: safer vehicles for resilient Mobility as a Service”.


Autonomous systems have in the last years forced us to rethink the very notion of safety engineering. Exploring the complete state space be it for formal verification or for extensive testing has become elusive, leaving us with guesswork to estimate the residual error rate. Of course, we just know it is never zero. How to tackle this problem? We start by acknowledging some conceptual weaknesses of the safety standards. Safety standards consider safety engineering as a specific project and domain activity, each with its own SIL levels, which is not only costly but also questionable. Starting from the objective to promote reuse, we define a complementary criterion called ARRL (Assured Reliability and Resilience Level). Rather than starting from the system’s functions, it starts from the system’s architecture in relationship to resilience.  It promotes the notion of resilience to failures as a way to achieve a higher degree of safety and puts Quality of Service first.  Resilience also help to design with less complexity easing the burden of verification and validation. The higher ARRL levels also acknowledge that the system design is never finished and that the loop must be closed at a higher level.

More details at: https://vda-qmc.de/en/software-processes/vda-automotive-sys/

Altreonic Kurt.mobi speaker at I2PCC Cleantech event

Business opportunities for your cleantech business in China? Discover them at our cleantech event on February 5th. Altreonic and Jaga inspire you with their experience in China and Flanders Investment & Trade informs you about the Chinese economy and its current situation.

Altreonic will discuss how partnering up with its Chinese suppliers, in particular for its novel type of battery pack, is essential for a competitive offer on the LeV market.

Date: Tuesday February 5th, 2018, 16h-19h
Location: Auditorium van het Hendrik Consciencegebouw, Koning Albert II-laan 15

Participation if free but click here for registration (required).

Download the presentation here. 201902015 short Altreonic FIT

First test drive with City-KURT CK1 prototype

The first outdooor test drive with the City-KURT CK1 is now a fact. Designed as a single person vehicle, about 100 cm wide and with a large cargo box. This vehicle serves as our test platform for the upcoming CK2 that will have a larger cargo box and can handle a 200 kg cargo. It will also feature the new Carbon Supercap battery and have larger wheels and more powerful motors.

Exclusive agreement signed on game changing battery

Altreonic Kurt.mobi and Tomen Energy in Shenzhen signed an exclusive agreement for a Joint Venture to further develop the market of its disruptive battery technology. Based on a patented novel type of carbon based super capacitor, it will make electric vehicles become more like traditional ICE vehicles with fast charging and operating without any problems from -40°C, resp. -20°C to +50°C. No complex Battery Management System and no active cooling is needed. The battery itself remains very cool due to its very low internal resistance and thermal run-away risks are a thing of the past.  The batteries have a very long life time (20000 cycles and more) so that no costly midlife replacements are needed.  Overall, the novel batteries are a significant step for a practical transition to a clean and sustainable electricity driven world. 

The technology itself is unique and combines for the first time the energy density of traditional Li-ion batteries with the inherent safety and lifetime properties of super capacitors. The technology also allows producing different versions of the cells with more or less energy density or more or less power density. Hence, batteries can be charged and discharged much faster (up to 20 times for the power type of cells) without jeopardising the lifetime or safety. The energy density is also 10 to 20 times higher than what lithium based supercapacitors can offer. At system level this translates into smaller batteries and lower energy consumption whereby vehicles can rapidly charge when stopping for a short time.

The battery technology itself has multiple uses such as vehicle batteries, booster batteries, starter batteries, charging stations, energy storage, frequency adaptors as well as applications whereby energy has to be very fast stored or discharged. Tests have shown that e.g. gasoline powered cars equipped with such a battery have a lower fuel consumption (up to 16 %) because the battery maintains a constant higher voltage at the spark plugs than possible with a lead-acid battery.

These new batteries will be used in the upcoming Shuttle-KURT vehicles. 

Contact us for more information or if you consider using this technology for your next development. Please contact us here.

Stay tuned for more.


Altreonic Kurt.mobi en Tomen Energy in Shenzhen hebben een exclusieve overeenkomst getekend voor een Joint Venture om samen the markt van hun disruptive batterij technologie. Op basis van een nieuw type van koolstof gebaseerde super capaciteit, laat het toe van elektrische voertuigen meer te gaan gebruiken zoals klassieke voertuigen met een verbrandingsmotor zoals snel laden en zonder problemen bij temperaturen tussen -40 °C, resp. -20° C tot 50°C. Deze nieuwe batterijen behoeven geen complex batterij controle systemen en hebben geen nood aan actieve koeling of verwarming. The batterij zelf heeft een zeer lage interne weerstand zodat er geen opwarming ontstaat en het er geen gevaar meer bestaat op ontbranding. Verder hebben deze batterijen een zeer lange levensduur (20000 cycles of meer) waardoor er geen dure vervangingen halverwege de levensduur van het voertuig nodig is. We kunnen gerust zeggen dat deze innovatieve batterij technologie een belangrijke stap is voor een haalbare overgang naar een propere en duurzame wereld die draait op elektriciteit

De technologie zelf is uniek en levert voor het eerst de energie densiteit van traditionele lithium-ion batterijen in combinatie met de voordelen van super capaciteiten. de technologie laat ook toe verschillende versies te produceren van de cellen met een hogere of lagere energie densiteit ofwel een hogere of lagere vermogen densiteit. Als gevolg kunne deze batterijen veel sneller geladen of ontladen worden (tot 20 maal toe voro de vermogen variant) zonder invloed op de levensduur en zonder het veiligheidsrisico te vergroten. Op systeem niveau resulteert dit in kleinere batterijen en een lager energie verbruik waarbij bv. een voertuig snel kan halt houden om dan snel wat bij te laden.

Deze nieuwe batterij technologie heeft heel wat toepassingen: voertuig batterijen, “booster” batterijen, starter batterijen, laadstations, energie opslag, frequentie adaptors alsmede heel wat toepassingen waarbij ofwel energie heel snel moet kunnen
opgeladen worden, ofwel snel moet kunnen worden vrijgegeven. Tests hebben uitgewezen dat bv. bij klassieke benzine motoren het verbruik tot 16% kan dalen omdat de ontsteking beter verloopt omdat deze batterij de vereiste hoge spanning constant houdt wat niet het geval is bij een klassieke loodzuur batterij.

Altreonic zelf gaat deze nieuwe batterijen aanwenden in de verdere ontwikkeling van de Shuttle-KURT.

Gelieve ons te contacteren voor verdere vragen of indien u een toepassing van deze nieuwe batterijen overweegt. Hier vindt u het contact formulier.