VirtuosoNext RTOS for e-mobility

In this short paper, we explain how e-mobility and the drive towards autonomous driving and MaaS is being disruptive for the traditional automotive vehicle makers. We show how’s KURT’s Software Driven approach meets the challenges. VirtuosoNext for...

Wishes for 2018

Wishes for a better world, free of war, free of pain, free of struggle. More common sense, more friendship, more joy. Less Big Brother, more Humanity. Whatever you undertake, persist and enjoy a successful outcome!

What does it take to make automated driving come true?

Today, the entire automotive world is working hard to enable automated driving, building on innovations in electronics. What that really means, Maurice Geraets, Board Member NXP Netherlands, explains you during his keynote presentation at SSIS 2017 on October 17. For...

Reliability for KURT

How do companies tackle technological challenges? During this Seminar Day, engineers, researchers and R&D managers from the manufacturing industry will come together to learn more about the results of some of our recent projects.  More specifically, Altreonic will... at Workshop Event

Boosting the Electric Vehicle Market in Europe: Plugging the Sustainability Gap  (click for details) Date: Tuesday 19th September 2017 Time: 10:00am — 4:30pm Venue: Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre