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City-KURT CK1 in exclusieve voorverkoop

De City-KURT is een nieuwe type van persoonlijk elektrisch vervoermiddel. Het is veel meer dan een e-bike maar het is ook geen micro-auto. Zonder over een rijbewijs te beschikken kan u op voet- en fietspaden rijden zolang u de gangbare snelheidslimieten in acht neemt. U kan tot 50 kg meenemen in de ruime koffer of u kan op verzoek het voertuig laten aanpassen aan uw specifieke behoeftes.

Als communicatie tussen dispatcher en bestuurder wenselijk is, kan er optioneel een smartphone met KURT-app geleverd worden. De bewaker kan dan een vloot voertuigen bewaken; hij kan de status van de wagens en de batterijen opvolgen en instructies geven.

De KURT CK1 wordt volledig elektronisch gestuurd. De twee actieve wielen maken een vlotte besturing en soepel optrekken mogelijk.

De krachtige batterijen maken een bereik tot 50 km mogelijk. Het opladen gebeurt ’s nachts of tijdens het parkeren aan een gewoon stopcontact. KURT veroorzaakt minder lucht- en geluidspollutie en heeft een lage energiekost. KURT neemt ook minder plaats in dan een klassiek voertuig.

Op verzoek kan de City-KURT CK1 omgebouwd worden voor diverse toepassingen. De City-KURT CK1 kan voorzien worden van sterkere motoren en meer krachtige batterijen.

Persoonlijk voertuig: klein en veilig, voor korte verplaatsingen naar familie, vrienden en om boodschappen te doen.

Persoonlijke golfkar: klein en gerieflijk, voor het meenemen van de golfuitrusting op het golfterrein.

Food bezorging: breng de bestellingen van pizza’s en voeding in een geïsoleerde cargo box ter plaatse

Eerste hulp bij ongevallen: voor snelle interventie in bevolkte zones. Gebruik de compacte CK1 en rij snel met de nodige uitrusting naar het noodgeval.

Diensten. Verleners van professionele diensten kunnen met de CK1 overal geraken.

Lichte logistiek. Laatste mijl bedeling voor pakjes en brieven.

Bewakingsdiensten. Bewaak straten en terreinen en neem de nodige uitrusting mee.

Voorverkoop bestellingen: 9990,- euro (excl. BTW en transport, standaard model).  Regionale wettelijke beperkingen kunnen van toepassing zijn. Volume productie wordt opgestart wanneer een minimum aan bestellingen ontvangen werd. Contacteer ons voor verdere details of gebruik het informatie formulier.

Raadpleeg de City-KURT CK1 brochure:

City-KURT-CK1-14032018 NL

Exclusive pre-sales of City-KURT CK1

The City-KURT CK1 is a novel type of personal electric vehicle, a perfect blend between a e-bike and a micro-car. You can drive it without a license on pavements and bicycle paths respecting the speed control limits. You can bring along up to 50 kg in the large trunk or choose a customised vehicle that fits your specific needs.

Optionally, when communication between a dispatch center and the driver is desirable, a smartphone with app can be provided. This allows to monitor a fleet of vehicles, monitor the vehicle status and provide help or give instructions.

The City-KURT CK1 is electronically controlled. It has two active wheels that provide for easy manoeuvrability and fast acceleration. Its powerful batteries can cover up to 50 km. They recharge during the night or when parked. KURT provides the lowest air and noise pollution at the lowest energy cost, yet it takes less space than standard vehicles.

The City-KURT CK1 can also be customised for different usages and equipped with stronger motors and more powerful batteries if needed.

Personal vehicle: small and safe, take it for short trips to visit friends, family or to go shopping.

Personal golf cart: small and comfortable, use it on the golf course and carry your golf equipment.

Food delivery: transport the pizza and food orders in an insulated cargo box.

Emergency services: in crowded areas a fast intervention is difficult. Use a small CK1 and quickly drive with emergency equipment to where help is needed.

Professional services. For those who provide services at home and need to carry basic equipment. With the CK1, you can get anywhere.

Light Logistics. Last mile deliveries for parcels and mails.

Security services. Patrolling the streets or sites and taking essential equipment with you.

Pre-sales orders are now accepted. Listprice: 9990,- euro (excl. taxes and transport for the standard model).  Regional restrictions might apply. Volume production will start when a minmum number of orders has been received. Contact us for more details or use the on-line contact form.

See the City-KURT CK1 leaflet for more details.

City-KURT-CK1-14032018 EN

Altreonic delivers KURT-H1 for hospitals

Altreonic has delivered a KURT-H1 e-vehicle to the University Hospital of Leuven (Campus Gasthuisberg), the largest hospital in Belgium with more than 9000 employees, over 2000 available beds and 4000 visitors a day. Responding to the need of transporting both patients and visitors in a timely and safe manner, the KURT-H1 is capable of simultaneously transporting one person in a wheelchair, two passengers and the driver. The KURT-H1 vehicle only measures 103 cm wide by 160 cm long. The Altreonic team sought in cooperation with the hospital for the best solution in a challenging setting. Wheelchairs are very divergent, elevators and corridors can be narrow and have tight corners. The KURT-H1 project at UZ Leuven was able to demonstrate the benefits of the modular and flexible KURT-concept for e-vehicles. Altreonic is able to adapt the KURT concept to a wide range of settings and capabilities. The KURT-H1 is a lot of vehicle in a small package.
Watch this video to see the KURT-H1 in motion during test drives:

Wishes for 2018

Wishes for a better world, free of war, free of pain, free of struggle. More common sense, more friendship, more joy. Less Big Brother, more Humanity. Whatever you undertake, persist and enjoy a successful outcome!

What does it take to make automated driving come true?

Today, the entire automotive world is working hard to enable automated driving, building on innovations in electronics. What that really means, Maurice Geraets, Board Member NXP Netherlands, explains you during his keynote presentation at SSIS 2017 on October 17.

For more updates on Smart Vehicles you need to be at the Smart Vehicles track. There Daniel van Nieuwenhove of SoftKinetic gives you for example an overview of the different depth sensing technologies and presents the progress on SoftKinetic’s own DepthSense® technology and its usage inside a car. Stefan Dutré of Siemens Industry Software tells you why autonomous driving needs a new way of thinking and how these challenges can be tackled. Other speakers in the Smart Vehicles track are Eric Verhulst of Altreonic and Bart Truyen of eXIa.

If this Smart Vehicles track is what you are looking for, register now! Conference and exhibition on Smart Electronic Systems.
Organised by DSP Valley on 17th October 2017 in Mechelen, Belgium

Download the presentation here:


Reliability for KURT

How do companies tackle technological challenges?

During this Seminar Day, engineers, researchers and R&D managers from the manufacturing industry will come together to learn more about the results of some of our recent projects. 

More specifically, Altreonic will show how POF reliability prediction and analysis at system level is applied by Altreonic for developing the KURT e-mobility vehicle. The process covers from selection of components and sub-system modules as well as the software architecture.

Date:  28/09/2017 – De MontilMoortelstraat 8, 1790 Affligem

Registration here

Build your own KURT e-vehicle

The City-KURT e-vehicle is based on a lightweight modular and scalable platform. Kickstart your own vehicle by just buying an easy to assemble propulsion platform and design your own “superstructure”. A minimal platform will have 1 main box and 2 suspension boxes with wheels, a larger platform can have up to 16 main boxes. Each main box measures W 200 x L 600 mm. Additional adapter boxes allow to tune the length in units of 100 mm. As the vehicle is controlled by software, many steering options are possible (front or rear-wheels only, skid steering as well as crab-steering). Each pair of wheel is typically coupled in an Ackerman configuration while a torsion bar is used to improve the passive safety.
As each wheel has its own motor, the performance can be tuned by selecting different wheels, motors and batteries. The vehicle controllers can be redundant and using the platform sensors provide for a safe and flexible control. Remote monitoring and control over a smartphone is an option.
Contact us for a suitable configuration that meest your needs. Volume discounts avalaible as well as licensing and franchising options. Become a partner of the KURT family!