Altreonic’s City-KURT teaming up for “Witte Stad”

Altreonic and the pioneering Luud Schimmelpennink are bridging the gap between the 1970’s when the first shared e-vehicles were introduced in Amsterdam and today when the concept and need is more then ever present allowing sustainable mobility and transport in city centres. The result is a new form of individualised public transport, a hybrid between a vehicle sharing scheme and a public transport system (e.g. like the metro or bus).

Rather than needing a fixed transport network,  a virtual grid is superimposed on the city. The gridlines intersect at the nodes, at which the vehicles are rented and when not driving stored and charged. If space permits, this can be above the ground of else under the ground in narrow automated tunnel tubes.  As the user is still the driver (at least for now), he is fully free to drive above the ground from a selected starting point to a selected end-point. The charging is by the minute, encouraging to take the most efficient route. As the vehicles are small (110 cm wide) and have a maximum speed of 25 km/hr, they can be safely used together with cyclists and pedestrians. E-bikes are actually part of the offering, next to the City_KURTs that is designed for 2 or 4 people. Later extensions consider city-logistics and longer distance driving (e.g. on the upcoming bicycle highways).

The scheme is a perfect illustration of how electric vehicles are ready and offer sustainable solutions for urban mobility. The City-KURT vehicle uses much less space than traditional vehicles and thanks to its optimised design,  is low on energy consumption. While it can be charged from a standard electricity connection, its energy consumption is about 10% of the average car.

The international Systems Engineering magazine has recently recognised Luud’s pioneering role in a special section on “Engineers who made a
difference”.  Altreonic and Luud share many views (see e.g. the article on Packet Switching for Mobility). Altreonic is pleased to work together with Luud on this challenging but innovative project that has the potential to drastically contribute to the sustainability of mobility in our cities.

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For the current City-KURT system concept: City-KURT 0817

German version: City-KURT 0517 DE